Danish Design and Inspiration

Everyone is familiar with IKEA, of course, but what most don’t know is that this Scandinavian design style is heavily influenced by Denmark and Danish Designers. I recently returned from a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I was able to absorb and surround myself with Danish Design in all aspects. What I learned is that Danish Design is woven into everyday life throughout Denmark. It was apparent in architecture, furniture, graphics, and even household objects, noticeable as I visited local homes, furniture stores, and the Design Museum Denmark.

What I found most interesting is that Danes stay loyal and knowledgeable to their Danish Designers and their products whether old or new. You will find several of these iconic items as staples in every household. Anywhere you go in the city you are sure to stumble upon several furniture stores, lighting stores, and home décor/ home good stores where the locals are able to purchase these important items for their homes. Although there is an IKEA, most Danes prefer to shop locally for these well-crafted and functional brands.

The Design Museum of Denmark was a definite highlight of my trip! While showcasing all aspects of design, it had a strong spotlight on the “Danish Chair”, which is the strongest representative of Danish Design and has become famous world-wide. The exhibit walks you through the development of the Danish Chair as well as International designs that influenced Danish Designers including American designer Charles Eames (The Eames Chair).

The day after my return I was inspired to let go of those unnecessary items that don’t serve a function and were just cluttering my cabin! Not enough to any Danish standard, but it’s a start. Most people think that here at Rustic Point we only offer rustic furnishings, HOWEVER we have a wide variety of resources and can help you find your Modern, functional pieces for your home or we can help integrate Modern to your Rustic design.  – Stephanie Nichols, Interior Designer, Rustic Point

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