Getting Out of the Kitchen!

With all my years as a Chef, my expertise is in the kitchen. However, these last few years I have had the chance to get out of the kitchen! I joined Rustic Point 3 years ago and although I brought my 40 years of experience, I have learned a tremendous amount, by just getting out of the kitchen.


Gift & Food Shows
Sara & I travel a couple times per year to Furniture & Gift shows around the country. They are very different than any of the food shows I have attended in the past. For example, rather than simply tasting sauces & blends, I am able to work with other Chef’s in creating my own sauces, to sell at Rustic Point. Rather than simply tasting spice blends, I am now able to create my own.  It’s very exciting.

Farmers Market
I have also committed to a booth at the Farmers Market in Evergreen. I am able to meet & greet new customers and introduce them to my exclusive bbq sauces, pepper jelly and spice blends. I am getting in front of our customers and sharing my products — which is very satisfying. And doing this with my wife is also special!

Cooking Classes
While this is still “in the kitchen”, at Rustic Point, I am allowed to have an ever changing menu with seasonal dishes & tastes. I strive to make this more of an evening at our home than a traditional cooking class. I choose to have everyone cook and eat the meal together, creating an environment that is very community focused. This is what I want the culinary experience to be at Rustic Point.

I know many of you think that working with your spouse is not the smartest thing to do for a healthy marriage. I must admit, it was pretty tough in the beginning. Sara started  Rustic Point 12 years ago, (on her own) and has made Rustic Point was it is today, an Evergreen favorite! When I came in, we put our heads together to create this new vision of Rustic Point. With so many changes, ideas, decisions, build-outs, crazy long weeks, and a lot of sleepless nights, our vision is coming to life. My step-father told me many years ago “If you’re going into business with a partner, make it a family member”. I can’t think of anybody I would rather do this with, than my wife … Love you, Sara!

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