pridgensSo here I am…..writing my very first blog. Some of you are saying welcome to the 21st century, others are saying “wonder what she is gonna even write about” and most people won’t even see it.  But if you are one of the few reading this today, I want to say Thank You.

Today I am saying Thank you.  Loud & Clear. If it weren’t for our loyal customers over the course of 10 years, I would probably be tied to a cubicle desk somewhere wondering what I was really meant to do in this crazy world. It is such a blessing that you have all stood by me year after year, watching Rustic Point grow into what we are today!  Team Rustic Point just kept evolving to survive and although it has been a difficult journey, I am comforted realizing that you have all stood by Rustic Point every step of the way.

From the move from Meadow Drive to El Rancho, the economic downturn of 2008-9 and my single-motherhoodrppooch img_3394journey that required me to step away for a year to work at a “real job”.  You’ve watched my kids grow up.  You’ve met all my dogs. You’ve welcomed my soul-mate, Mark Pridgen, to our Rustic Point family and finally, the expansion of the Gourmet Goods first floor, bringing culinary treats to our local community. Whew, it’s been quite a ride.  And I am Thankful. Our customers have made me who I am and made Rustic Point a surviving, local business.  Thank you all.  Here’s to another ten.


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  1. Nancy says:

    I have enjoy knowing you and watching you and the business grow. Life is a roller coaster for sure, but a great ride.
    Continued best wishes for you and the business. Great idea having the Gourmet Goods and cooking classes. Never leave your store without buying something!!

  2. Jeanne Meyee says:

    You go girl! Love you!

  3. Sara's father Bob says:

    Sara and Mark keep us very active in our retirement years. We enjoy our time in Colorado every year since there is always plenty of things going on. I wish you guys lots of new success and continued success from those that visit the store from the past.
    Love you lots, Dad

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