Spring Spruce Up!

As most of you know, Mark & I made the decision to implement a 5-day work week at Rustic Point, closing the showroom on Sunday & Monday. We have felt the support from many of you and enjoyed hearing the “good for you’s” and “you deserve it’s” all around. With that being said, we are spending IMG_6972more time at our home in Conifer and “nesting”.  Funny how that happens… you spend more time at home and then get the urge to rearrange, remodel & re-do your home. So here we are, 30 days into our 2-days off schedule and we’ve decided to re-tile, re-carpet, paint and select furniture for our basement living area.

I am sure you are thinking that because we own a furniture store, this is very easy for us. However, even with my 12 year history now of selecting furniture & accessories for Rustic Point, when it comes to our home I am finding that I am second-guessing myself like crazy! Mark and I ventured out to select tile for a very small hallway & bathroom in our basement and after a few hours, we left with our top two choices. Within minutes of getting home, I was emailing the Rustic Point design staff for their opinions—light?  Dark?  Big tiles?  Ugg….help me here girls!

Next stop, carpeting. We are now on our third bid for carpeting, which means I have a carpet squares all over my home. The cats think I have made them pet beds in every room. But even with walking by, staring, holding it up, laying it down, lights on and lights off, I proceeded to haul everything to Rustic Point so the design team could make their suggestions. That being said, we conquered our decision and moved on to furniture & paint.

It was time to pick the fabrics for the sleeper sofa. This is when I walked away and said, YOU DO IT!  Fabrics were presented to us, along with paint and within minutes, I was excited about all of it!  Furniture is ordered and now I wait….

I say all this because in the 12 years of being in the furniture business, I am realizing that it it’s very IMG_3679different when it comes to making these decisions for your home. Our homes are where we relax, entertain & live and yet we feel enormous pressure when making decorating decisions that are expensive and feel so permanent.  Although I continually reiterate on a daily basis to our clients the benefit of having a member of our Design Team come to your home for a complimentary design consult, I am realizing personally how much it really helps! What an amazing benefit to shopping at Rustic Point by having a educated/trained Interior Designer come to your home and help you 1:1 with your furniture & decorating decisions! Just a second set of eyes can really make this process fun and not stressful. I encourage you take advantage of this opportunity with Rustic Point and help make your house your dream home!

To schedule your complimentary interior design consultation, please email design@rusticpoint.com or call the showroom at 303-225-4660.

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