Rustic Point BBQ Sauce


Have a splash of flavor with these wonderful Rustic Point BBQ Sauces!



Wild West BBQ Sauce
This BBQ sauce has great flavor and is more versatile than you might guess! Try with shrimp, burgers, chicken (of course), and even tofu! Great for marinades.
Heat 3/10


Elk Meadow Garlic Ginger Sauce
Sweet, with some heat, and wonderful tanginess, this sauce makes for a tasty marinade, dip of BBQ. This will liven up shrimp, burgers, tofu and more!
Heat 3/10


Windy Peak Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce
Everything that’s on a Chicago Style Hot Dog is in this Sauce!
– Yellow Mustard
– Neon Green Relish
– Chopped Onions
– Tomato Wedges
– Pickle Spear
– Two Sport Peppers
– Celery Salt
Heat 1/10

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Wild West BBQ Sauce, Elk Meadow Garlic Ginger Sauce, Windy Peak Chicago Style


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